A Study of Supply Chain of Chili Spur Pepper for Food Industry in Thailand

  • Adilla Pongyeela Ass.prof.Dr.
Keywords: Chili Spur Pepper, Supply Chain, Purchasing Behavior


This study aimed to (1) survey and analyze the output, problems of Chili Spur Pepper for food industry in Thailand, (2) study the purchasing criteria of Chili Spur Pepper, problems which the middlemen and manufacturing plants had faced, and (3) study purchasing behavior of   Indonesian distributors and consumers for buying Chili Spur Pepper products, and study the adoption process of Chili products from Thailand in Indonesian market. The population were Chili Spur Pepper planters in Thailand. The sample size was 409 planters, 133 the middlemen, 21 manufacturing plants, 24 Indonesian distributors, and 171 Indonesian consumers. Data were collected from all regions in Thailand. Product testing was done in Indonesia. The questionnaire was used as a research instrument, and results supported by including in-depth interview and focus group method. The results of this study were beneficial for both public and private sectors.



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