Effects of Learning Management by Concept Attainment Process on Concept of and Achievement in Mathematics

  • Pahamee Awae
  • Alisara Chomchuen
  • Areeyuth Sama-ae
Keywords: Mathematics concept, learning by concept attainment process, mathematics achievement


This research aimed to study the effects of learning management by concept attainment process on concept of and achievement in mathematics among students in third grade in primary education, during the second semester of the 2016 academic year at Bantamon School, Pattani Primary Educational Service Area Office 1, Yaring District, Pattani Province. The research design was a single group pre –post test quasi-experimental design with a sample of 20 students. The tools used in the study were concept attainment process lesson plan, mathematics concept test, and mathematics achievement test. The results demonstrated that after the experiment students were equipped with higher mathematics concept than before in that percentages of correct concept increased by 34.75 whereas concept discrepancy and incorrect concept decreased by 14.00 and 20.75 respectively. The concept attainment process was as follows: Sample observation, grouping and comparing data, hypothesis formulation, hypothesis testing, and defining the concept. Additionally, after the experiment students had higher mathematics achievement than before and higher than 60 percent. Moreover, concept of mathematics and mathematics achievement were positively related significantly.


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