The The Importance of Critical Thinking for Nursing Students

The Importance of Critical Thinking for Nursing Students

  • kanjana srisawad mail
  • Saisamorn Chaleoykitti
Keywords: Keywords: Critical thinking, nursing students


The Importance of Critical Thinking for Nursing Students

Kanjana Srisawad1
Saisamorn Chaleoykitti2

Critical thinking is the ability to use the thinking process with the aim to decide whether to believe something by carefully pondering the information to make decisions and lead to a reasonable conclusion. The concept of critical thinking skills, according to Facione, includes critical thinking skills and the disposition component of critical thinking. The professional nursing practices require critical thinking because nursing is a holistic process that requires both science and art in the application of knowledge to treat patients. The Nursing Council of Thailand has set critical thinking as one of the nursing profession’s competencies, and this is consistent with the studies conducted in the 21st century that focus on students’ thinking skills. Critical thinking is important to the practice of nursing professionals in order to maximize patient benefits.



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