Happiness in Learning among Pre-cadet Students’ in National Defence Studies Institute

  • Piyamart Tandatanaya
  • Tongluck Boontham
Keywords: happiness in learning,, pre-cadet students


This research aimed to study happiness in learning of the pre-cadet students in National Defence Studies Institute. The research samples, selected using Stratified Random Sampling, consisted of 400 pre-cadet students in Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School, National Defence Studies Institute. The research instrument used for collecting data was Likert five-point scale questionnaires with the reliability of 0.946. The study revealed that the happiness in learning as a whole was at the high level, the variables affecting happiness in learning of were learning activities, physical atmospheres, instructors, and the families(x2). These variables could predict happiness in learning for 63.8 % at the significance level of .05.





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