Toward a Model of Legal Environmental Conservation Behavior

  • Warin Sangkuntee
  • Nongnapas Thiengkamol
  • Chatchai Thiengkamol
Keywords: Environmental conservation behavior, environmental law


This research aimed to study the attitude of police officers in the Border Patrol Police Office toward services of the Police Hospital. The research sample consisted of 312 police officers. Questionnaire was used for data collection. It was revealed that most of the respondents were males aged between 20-30 years, the majority of them obtained lower than Bachelor's Degree, were single, with monthly income lower than 15,000 baht and work experience between 1-5 years. Regarding the quality of the Police Hospital services, in terms of concreteness of services, reliability and trust worthiness, responsiveness the services, confidence in the services, and sympathy, were high in all aspects. In addition, attitude toward the healthcare services, in terms of sympathy and responsiveness of the hospital were different among some personal characteristics of the patients significantly (p≤ 0.05).


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