Quality of Work Life of the Immigration Police Officers at the West Coast Immigration Office, Suvarnabhumi Airport

  • Jirapat Kumkeam
  • Chalermpolw Waithayangkul
  • Vichai Thosuwonchinda
  • Suwanna Khiewphakdi
  • Orapin Piyasakulkiat
Keywords: quality of work life, immigration police officers


This research aimed to study the level and guidelines for an improvement of quality of work life of the immigration police officers working at the west coast immigration office at Suvarnabhumi Airport. It adopted mixed method approach. The sample consisted of 155 police officers and data were collected by questionnaires. Five police officers selected by purposive sampling technique were interviewed and the data were analyzed with content analysis. It was found that the overall level of quality of work life of the immigration police officers was moderate. Considering the individual aspects, social benefits aspect was very good, followed by collaborative work and interpersonal relationships, balance between personal and work life, opportunity to use and develop personal capability, and human rights in the work place. Additionally, adequate and fair payment, job security and carreer development opportunity, and appropriate work environment were at the moderate level. As guidelines to enhance the quality of work life, policy measures should be oriented toward adequate equipment for increasing performance efficiency, competency development and adequate as well as fair compensation respectively.


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