The Adaptation Pattern for Enhancing Competitiveness of Thai-Lao Border Trade Entrepreneurs

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วงศ์ธีรา สุวรรณิน


The main objective of this research was to explore an adaptation pattern of entrepreneurs in Thai-Lao border for enhancing competitiveness after integration into ASEAN Economic Community. The sample size was 499 Indo-china market entrepreneurs selected by multistage sampling method. Structural equation modeling was the main statistical technique adopted for analytical purposes. It was revealed that both border trade situations and Indochina market trade situations had direct causal effects on an adaptation of entrepreneurs with the estimated path coefficients of 0.58 and 0.35 respectively  and also had indirect effects from border trade situations via Indochina market trade situations equaled 0.33  with statistically significant at p = 0.05, border trade situations being the most influential variable on the adaptation of entrepreneurs in Thai-Lao border for competitiveness after the establishment of the AEC.


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