Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Operational Skills of Publication in Digital Era for Journalism Students in Private Higher Education Institutions

  • Phichate Phimcharoen
  • Chatupol Yongsorn
  • Chakrit Ponathong
Keywords: exploratory factor analysis, the Operational Skills of publications in digital age


PURPOSE: The main objective of this research was to analyze the components of the operational skills of publication in digital era for journalism students in private higher education institutions. METHOD: The research was sample survey research. The sample consisted of 269 students in journalism year 3 and year 4 in 6 private higher education institutions in the academic year 2017. The questionnaire used for collecting data was a five - point rating scale on operational skills of publications in digital era. Principle component factor analysis and varimax rotation were adopted for analytical purposes. RESULT: The research showed that the components of the operational skills of publication  in digital era for journalism students of private higher education institutions consisted of 7 components, namely: 1) Planning and management, 2) Content creation and manuscript, 3) Digital file management, 4) Creativity and design, 5) Publicizing to online, 6) Use of computer equipment and applications, and 7) Content review and proofreading. CONCLUSION: The 7 factors could be used for planning of learning and teaching students in higher education institutions for enhancing operational skills of publication in the digital era.


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