Aiming for Effective Management of Online Learning in the Era of Global Changes amidst Covid-19 Crisis: A Case Study of Tantiwatra School, ThungSong, Nakhon Si Thammarat

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Puangrat Jinpon
Manita Jueboon


When the world has to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic situation for more than 5 months, teaching and learning amidst the Covid-19 crisis is a challenge for schools. This research aims to present models and mechanisms for online teaching and learning for elementary students in the era of global changes amidst Covid-19 Crisis. Data from the operations of Tantiwatra School, Thung Song district, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand were studied and analyzed. Seventeen individuals were selected by purposive sampling: 6 administrators, 4 teachers, 1 ICT staff, 6 parents, and 6 students. Research instruments were documents, non-participant observation, in-depth interviews, focus group discussion, and storytelling. Content analysis was used to analyze data. Results of this research could be concluded that the school is well prepared in terms of management vision, information technology infrastructure, personnel skills and commitment, support from network partners, and willingness of parents and students. This creates the teaching and learning management to be more efficient with the “Fully online. Among them are management innovation called “TTW FORWARD Model;” teaching and learning management innovation with “9 steps: Recognize, Draw, Create, Implement, Evaluation;” and 9 regulations which can be used as a guideline for teaching and learning management for other interested schools.



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Jinpon, P. ., & Jueboon, M. (2021). Aiming for Effective Management of Online Learning in the Era of Global Changes amidst Covid-19 Crisis: A Case Study of Tantiwatra School, ThungSong, Nakhon Si Thammarat . JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY, 14(2), 1–14. Retrieved from
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Puangrat Jinpon, Information Technology and Educational Media Center, Southern College of Technology



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