Guidelines for Hotel Business Management during COVID-19 Crisis

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Kirathakon Boonrod
Sunisa Phonchot
Rusaya Kamnuan


          This article aims to provide guidelines for managing hotel businesses during the COVID - 19 pandemic. The crisis has a direct effect on hotel businesses in Thailand as well as Thai people’s lives. Moreover, it also affects national tourism and economy worldwide. Therefore, entrepreneurs should have good organizational management in managing work and personnel in the workplace to be prepared to deal with the crisis. This can be done by 1) planning management strategies for hotel businesses that to be able to survive during the pandemic; 2) preparing to deal with the pandemic in different tourist attractions and hotel business establishments; and 3) hotel business management to minimize impacts of the Covid - 19 crisis so that they can manage to survive throughout the period of this crisis.


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Boonrod, K. ., Phonchot, S. ., & Kamnuan, R. . (2022). Guidelines for Hotel Business Management during COVID-19 Crisis. JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY, 15(1), 139–148. Retrieved from
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