The Development of Local Food Recipes for Elders with Diabetes in Loei Province

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Suradech Chaitokkia
Supannee Pruksa
Jittima Pheerakamol


          Dietary intake plays a significant role in controlling blood sugar and diabetic complications present in elderly people include high blood pressure and dyslipidemia. The purpose of this research is to develop local recipes with appropriate nutritional value and satisfaction for the elderly with diabetes. The goal is to control diabetes and prevent complications. This study is participatory action research. The researcher and the community jointly considered and chose the popular food recipes in the Mueang sub-district and the Chaiyapruek sub-district, Mueang Loei District, Loei Province, and developed them. They consisted of 20 and 10 recipes of savory and dessert, respectively. The developed recipes were sensory assessed by 30 diabetic elders. The development of recipes was modified in terms of quantity and type of ingredients such as adjusting the amount of sugar, seasonings, and vegetable, using low sodium seasoning, coconut cream alternative, and lean meat. It was found that energy and nutrients in savory recipes are reduced, namely: 18 recipes of energy (90%), 16 recipes of carbohydrates (80%), 18 recipes of fat (90%), 20 recipes of sodium (100%), and 17 recipes of sugar (85%) whereas the amount of energy, carbohydrates, fats, sodium, and sugar in dessert reduced in every recipe (100%). The overall satisfaction for savory was at the highest level for 11 recipes (55%) and at a high level for 9 recipes (45%). As for the desserts, 8 recipes were rated the highest (80%) and 2 recipes were rated satisfied at a high level (20%). This research can provide insights for individuals to promote health in the aspect of food nutrition, control diabetes, and prevention complications among those who suffer from diabetes.


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Chaitokkia , S. ., Pruksa, S. ., & Pheerakamol , J. . (2022). The Development of Local Food Recipes for Elders with Diabetes in Loei Province. JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN TECHNOLOGY, 15(1), 29–38. Retrieved from
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