Publication Ethics

Duties of Authors

- The author must certify that the work which submitted to journal is a new work and never be published anywhere before.
- The author must refer to the other work, have the work that they use in their own work, as well as prepare a list of end articles.
- The author must report the collection of data from research, do not collect fake information or provide misinformation.

Duties of Editors

- Editor is responsible for considering the quality of the article which is going to be published in the  journal.
- Editors must not disclose the author's information and also article evaluators to other unrelated persons during the period of evaluation of the article.
- Editor must not have conflict of interest with authors/ reviewers.
- Editor should not do any progress for any article which have been published elsewhere before.

Duties of Reviewers

- Person who evaluates the article should evaluate the article in his / her field of expertise.
- Reviewer should not use personal opinions that do not have support information to judge any research articles.
- When reviewer identify some plagiarism or uncited sentences/ paragraphs, reviewer should report to journal editor.