Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics of Mahidol Music Journal


  1. Authors shall submit only new original articles that have never been published elsewhere and are not during consideration to be published by any other publisher
  2. Names of authors and co-authors must be only the persons who participate in the work submitted.
  3. For quotations or taking some parts from other sources, authors must include citations with the correct format of Mahidol Music Journal. For quoting or reusing anything other than normal text (for example: pictures, poems, diagrams) from other sources, authors must confirm that the items are not copyrighted. Quoting and reproducing must be limited and under the fair use. In the case of an appeal due to copyright infringement, authors are only the persons who are responsible for.     
  4. Authors shall present accurate, unbiased information, without deliberately distorting or manipulating any information.    
  5. In the case of research with human subjects, authors shall declare that they have followed research ethics on human subjects and present evidence to Mahidol Music Journal to affirm that the research has been approved by an institutional research ethic reviewing board.    
  6. Authors must indicate sources of research funding (if any) and conflicts of interest (if any) in the acknowledgements.  


  1. Editors shall consider if submitted manuscripts are in the scope of Mahidol Music Journal and decide to publish the manuscripts based on evaluation of reviewers.  
  2. Editors shall neither reveal authors’ names to reviewers nor reviewers’ names to authors.  
  3. Editors shall not disclose information in submitted manuscripts to any person not involved in evaluation process, and remain confidential until the time of publication. Editors shall never disclose anything from rejected manuscripts.  
  4. Editors shall recuse themselves if conflicts of interest are found between the editors and authors and/or reviewers.
  5. Editors shall suspend publication if impropriety (such as plagiarism, manipulation of information, conflict of interest, etc.) is found. Decisions made by Mahidol Music Journal shall be final.   


  1. Reviewers shall accept to review only manuscripts in the field of their expertise, which they can evaluate appropriately and within a given time frame.  
  2. After receiving a manuscript, if reviewers realize that the manuscript relates to themselves (such as having participated as subjects in the work, having a private connection to authors, etc.) which will affect their evaluation, reviewers shall report to Mahidol Music Journal and refuse to evaluate the manuscript.
  3. Reviewers shall not take any part of manuscripts that they are reviewing to be their own work, and shall not disclose any in the manuscripts to any other person until the time of publication.
  4. Reviewers shall evaluate manuscripts with accuracy, without bias and personal matters, and shall not allow issues or topics (such as sources of information from ethnic groups, religious or political belief, gender, marketing benefit, etc.) in the manuscripts to affect their evaluation.
  5. Reviewers must report to Mahidol Music Journal if manuscripts or part of manuscripts they are reviewing assemble a work already published, and shall indicate in the evaluation form any unmentioned similar research to the manuscripts. Reviewers shall also indicate if a manuscript may create conflicts such as resulting from not adhering to research ethics.