Objectives and Scope of the Journal

            The Journal of Social Science and Buddhistic Anthropology is an academic journal of Wat Wang Tawan Tok temple, Mueang district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province. Its objective is to promote research studies and publish research articles and academic articles for researchers, scholars, faculty members, and students in a dimension to support education, teaching, and research in Sangha universities, including Thai Sangha and outside institutions, scholars, and interested people, with an emphasis on the discipline of Buddhism, educational administration, community development, social development, political science, public administration, linguistics, applied studies, and other interdisciplinary topics, but only in the Thai version.

The Journal welcomes manuscripts in the following categories:

          1) Research Article

          2) Academic Article

Publication frequency

          The Journal is published annually, 12 issues per year on a monthly basis.

          Volume 1 January               Volume 2 February              Volume 3 March

          Volume 4 April                   Volume 5 May                    Volume 6 June

          Volume 7 July                    Volume 8 August                 Volume 9 September

          Volume 10 October             Volume 11 November          Volume 12 December

Peer review process from experts

         The journal has a peer review process from experts before publication. The submitted paper will be reviewed by at least 2 experts in fields relevant to the paper in a double-blind peer-review system. The manuscript from internal authors will be reviewed by outside experts who have no conflict of interest with the author. This will result in a rigorous peer review of the articles before they are published. If editors or experts who were invited to review the paper have any suggestions for revision, the editorial team will return the paper to the owner to edit. and/or reserves the right to consider not publishing a research manuscript that does not follow the submission guidelines of the Journal of Social Science and Buddhistic Anthropology or does not pass editorial or expert review. When an article is published, the author will receive a link to the journal where the article was published, along with an acceptance letter of publication in the journal.