Journal of Thai Justice System is an academic journal that is made up according to the mission of National Commission for Justice Administration Management under the National Justice Administration Development Act in 2006, which is responsible for publicizing and disseminating knowledge about justice administration. Therefore, the Office of Justice Affairs as the secretary of the National Commission for Justice Administration Management has made up the justice system journal that is issued every 4 month  The first journal was published in 2008 with the purpose to promote, support and disseminate academic articles and research of faculty teachers, researchers, scholars, as well as postgraduate students. Additionally it is also promote, education, research, search for new knowledge including developing the existing knowledge in order to develop whole justice process as well as administration system , legal, organizational management, or other related fields for interested parties or the public. In the past, the Journal of Thai Justice system has published academic written articles, research articles on legal and justice sytem. The editorial team consists of experts, lecturers, scholar in related fields who will screene all of the articles and disseminated to educational institutions, agencies, and the public continuously until now.

        Journal of Thai Justice system has submitted a journal quality assessment from the Thai-Journal Citation Index (TCI) Center in 2013. On April 30 2013 TCI has announced the quality assessment results, for the Journal of Thai Justice system to be classified as second group of journals in the TCI database in Humanities and Social Sciences. On June 30, 2021, the Journal of Thai Justice system was notified of the journal quality assessment results to be ranked in the first group of journals in the TCI database, effective from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2024.


  1. To disseminate academic written articles and research results as well as the knowledge in the justice process, legal system and other related fields to officers, students, including the general public, both nationally and internationally.
  2. To be a forum or a medium for introducing and presenting new research or academic opinions including new knowledge in the justice process , legal system and other related areas through academic written articles, academic quality research results from scholar, experts, relevant officers, and the public.
  3. To motivate people to do the research and to develop the knowledge continuously both in theory and practicing that can be referred and applied for work for the benefit of society as a whole.

Publication Policy and Scope

  1. An article to be published in the Journal of Justice System must be relevant to the legel and justice system.
  2. An article that is proposed for publication in the Journal of Thai Justice System, the quality of content must be reviewed by 3 peer reviewers per article before being published.

Article Consideration Process:

The Journal of Thai Justice System has set as a double-blinded article review format which means that identity of both author and reviewer are kept hidden. The secretariat will submit each article to three experts for quality assessment by a double-blind peer review process, in case that there is any corrections from the experts, the author will correct the article as suggested by the experts and submit the corrected article articles online on website of the Journal of Thai Justice system


Type of article: Research articles or academic articles on legal and justice system


Research articles and academic articles about the justice process, such as

  1. Justice Administration
  2. Legal & Law Enforcement
  3. Criminology  & Penology
  4. Alternative Justice& Restorative justice
  5. Forensic Science
  6. Rehabilitation
  7. InformationTechnology & Innovation in Justice System
  8. Human rights and libertyProtection


Publication language: Thai, English


scheduled to be published three times a year.

Issue 1 January - April

Issue 2 May - August

Issue 3 September - December


ISSN number

Print ISSN: 2985-2595

Online ISSN: 2985-2609

Journal of Justice Process No publication fees are charged at any stage.