About the Journal

Maritime Technology and Research's objective

Oceans are important for human. We have relied on them, extending from coasts to offshore zones. The sea is much more than just a “highway made of water” to transport goods and people. Coastal areas are valuable. Coastal protection and management are important for community development. Sustainable exploitations of oceanic resources while managing marine pollution are required. Understanding biological interactions amongst marine organisms living in the ocean is a foundation of sustainable use of maritime resources.    

Maritime Technology and Research (MTR) (E-ISSN: 2651-205X) was launched to celebrate the 12th Anniversary of Faculty of International Maritime Studies, Kasetsart University, Thailand. It is financially supported by Faculty of International Maritime Studies.

MTR is a peer-reviewed journal covering all areas of maritime technology. It provides a forum for discussion of current issues, new idea and developments, as well as breakthroughs in coastal and oceanic arenas. The range of topics extends from coastal zone to deep ocean, including engineering, environment, logistics, as well as other management aspects such as maritime policy, maritime education, and well-being of seafarers.

In addition to original, full-length contributions presenting new research and developments in the field, MTR also publishes review papers on recent topics of interest. The journal implements a double-blinded review system with at least 2 expert reviewers. However, any article whose corresponding author is from Thailand, will be reviewed by at least 3 expert reviewers.

Submissions and publications are free-of-charge. Articles are freely available to all readers without having to pay or register.

MTR’s editorial committee members are academically well-known, ensuring high standard of the journal. I formally invite authors and readers to participate with MTR. Hopefully, MTR can be a venue for all of us to share our knowledge, advancing maritime technology. I welcome all submissions with great pleasure.

Finally, with great pleasure, I would like to introduce our founding team members;

Founding editor:  Associate Professor Dr. Cherdvong Saengsupavanich

Journal manager: Mr. Kosin Sirirak

MTR Team:            Miss Risa Fongsaichol