Odra: Naval and Merchant Vessels (Maritime science heritage: Sanatan Nau vigyan: Select discussions)


  • Deepak Bhattacharya Oddisi Research Laboratory, Bhubaneswar, Odisa, India
  • Sahadeva Sahoo Odisha University of Agricuture and Technology, Odisa, India




Odra, Kalinga, Orixa, Naval and Merchant Vessels Heritage, High-speed barge, Ancient fleet depiction


Odra (riparian) is a historical entity, a synonym for the Kalinga empire (India) which was maritime in nature and had a robust seafaring heritage. In this paper, the south-east Asian archipelago nexus is touched upon, along with less well known aspects of Indo-Asian maritime history. Historically-dated artifacts are presented; naval and merchandise issues ranging from the period c.1200 to 1900 C.E., are discussed. A possible depiction of the empire’s fleet (c.12th C.E) is conceptualized. Boat-related numerical calculations are adduced, and associated physics and mechanics of ocean sailing are discussed. Ancient high speed and stable barges are discussed. In-continuum heritage practice and real-time modeling are presented.


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