Authentic assessment and academic performance of Marine Engineering students: A correlational study


  • Peter Ralph B. Galicia Faculty of Maritime, University of Antique, Main Campus Lotilla St., Sibalom, Antique 5713, Philippines



Authentic assessment, Academic Performance, marine engineering students, University of Antique, Philippines


Authentic assessment can validate Marine Engineering students’ competency in academe to be fully equipped with knowledge, understanding, and skills needed onboard ship. This descriptive-correlational study aimed to ascertain Marine Engineering students’ authentic assessment and academic performance on professional courses and their relationships to formulate an intervention program. Utilized for data gathering was a self-administered structured questionnaire on Authentic Assessment aligned to the course syllabus of three (3) major courses. The computer-processed statistics used were mean, frequency, and rank for descriptive analysis; and Pearson Product-Moment Correlation or Pearson r for inferential analysis. Alpha level was set at 0.05. The study found that Marine Engineering students recalled lessons and performed well during validation of skills. In addition, there was a significant relationship between the authentic assessment results and the academic performance shown on professional courses. The performance of Marine Engineering students in the classroom is likely to affect their performance during skill validation in authentic assessment. Therefore, well-performing students in the classroom are likely to pass authentic assessment. Finally, an intervention program, “bUligAnay Kita: A Peer Tutoring Program,” aims to improve Marine Engineering students’ basic knowledge, understanding, and skills in all major courses in preparation for onboard ship training.


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