Impacts of Violence in Thai Muslim Marriage in Satun Province: A Case Study of Husbands Assaulting Their Wives

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Sojirat Supanichwatana
Kasetchai Laeheem


Violence against a large number of Thai Muslim spouses in Satun Province brought us to identify many cases using the data gathered from January 2014 to December 2014. The analysis in the variety of Muslim women assaulted by their husbands or partners was performed to categorize which endangered conditions best compared among women implicated in calm nonviolent relationships, verbal assaulted relationships, relationships showing minimum physical aggressions and undesirable violent relationships. All this categorization have as a result collateral damages with their nurturing as human beings generating marital struggles some of them emerging by cultural conditioning and others by socioeconomic status as the primary causes of women- wife assaults. During this study process we categorized our information in three groups: 1) Fifteen wives experiencing domestic abuse and violence, 2) ffteen people involved with the aforementioned couples, and 3) fve
offcers from One Stop Crisis Center. The obtained data were initially analyzed by categorizing them according to conflict issues. Later, the content of the conflicts was logically analyzed based upon perception, theory, and related research. The fndings revealed that there were 6 major impacts of violence against Thai Muslim spouses in Satun Province. These six major impacts are as follow: 1) the wife being physically and psychologically injured; 2) family unrest; 3) divorce; 4) the impacts on children; 5) hampering activity performance; and 6) annoyance of neighbors.


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