Readiness of Thai Offcials for Starting up ASEAN Community

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มนตรี เกิดมีมูล


This research aimed to explore factors affecting the readiness of Thai offcials for starting up and going on ASEAN Community. Three thousand seven hundred and twenty-six (3,726 participants) were collected from Thai offcials in each ministry as a sample group. Data analysis was undertaken by using variance analysis. The study results were as follows: The signifcant independent variables are sex, age, education level, offcial rank, ASEAN understanding, English language profciency and ASEAN Training Program attending with .05 signifcant level. The recommendation are as follows: 1) Training courses in ASEAN knowledge and English skill should be undertaken with cooperation from many public universities and Offce of the Civil Service Commission. 2) Evaluation process should be done after training by Offce of the Public Sector Development Commission.

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