Relationship between Deviant Workplace Behavior and Job Performance: An Empirical Study

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Md. Sahidur Rahman
Rana Karan
Shameema Ferdausy


This present study was mainly designed to examine the relationships between the typology of deviant workplace behavior (such as, production deviance, property deviance, political deviance, and personal aggression) and job performance. Deviant workplace behavior was measured by the Multidimensional Scale while job performance was assessed by Tsui et al.,’s Job Performance Scale. Data for this study were collected from 201 employed MBA students studying at four private universities in Chittagong, a port city of Bangladesh, who were asked to rate their supervisors’ deviant workplace behavior and job performance with the help of self-administered questionnaires. In data collection, this study used convenience sampling technique. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics, bivariate correlation, and regression analysis. Results indicated a negative correlation between the typology of deviant workplace behavior and job performance. The main implication of the study was that as the existence of deviant workplace behavior is a prior indication of poor job performance, hence preventive measures should be taken to minimize it. The most important limitation was in using convenience samples that might limit the generalizability of the results. Future research directions are also discussed.

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