The Influence of Online Store Attributes on Consumers' Purchase Intention towards Online Marketplace Sellers

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Jiaoying Li


Nowadays, with the development of electronic information and digital devices, e-commerce is growing rapidly. Covid-19 has also made people rely more and more on online shopping. Online store competition is also becoming more and more stimulating. In order to attract more consumers and stand out in the fierce competition, it is an important topic for sellers in the online marketplace to attract consumers' purchase intention. Exploring the impact on customers' purchase intention from the perspective of online store attributes is the subject of this study. Online store attributes are analyzed from five perspectives, including appearance design, product information, promotion campaign, store services, and consumer review. This study collected 305 online questionnaires through a convenience sampling method and used Ordinary Least Squares regression to verify the hypotheses. The result shows that only the appearance design and consumer review of the online store have a significant and positive impact on the purchase intention of customers. Product information, promotion campaigns, and store services have a positive effect but are not supported. Besides, the findings of the control variables found that older consumers have more purchase intention than younger consumers, and freelancers tend to have the lowest purchase intention among other occupational groups. In conclusion, the findings suggest that sellers should pay more attention to appearance design and consumer review. Particular attention should be paid to the appearance design.

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