Factors Affecting Knowledge Management Processes in a Learning Organization: Case Study of the Automobile Industry

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Yuraporn Sudharatna


This research aims to study factors affecting knowledge management processes in a Learning Organization (LO) in the stage of knowledge acquisition, knowledge sharing and knowledge utilization. The questionnaire named ‘LO inventory and Change readiness’, designed by the author, is adapted and applied in this research. Data is collected through six automobile companies. The feedback forms are 429 sets which represent 45.54 % of the response rate. Factor Analysis is applied as a statistic tool in this research. Result of the research shows that factors affect knowledge management processes are leader’s role, employees; source of knowledge acquired; workplace training; willingness of being knowledge team; and accessible organizational memory system. Additionally, this research empathizes that the employee is one of the most important factors that enhance the knowledge management processes in LO. Either they are managers or leaders; s/he must be a role model in knowledge acquisition as well as supporting in knowledge sharing and utilization. Furthermore, employees should have self-responsibility in learning and acquire new skills, problem solving and work innovation. Additionally, source of knowledge acquire, workplace training, willingness of being knowledge team, and accessible organizational memory are all involve in ‘human or employees’ as one of the most important factors.

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