Chiang Rai: Tourism and Sustainability for Today and the Future

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Therdchai Choibamroong


This synthesis report is a result of a combination of twenty-seven relevant research projects which had been conducted by a group of twenty-seven academic researchers from four tourism related organizations in Chiang Rai Province. This paper aims to provide quality of material that contributes to body of knowledge and to facilitate the understanding and guidelines for developing sustainable tourism activity in Chiang Rai Province. The objectives can be divided into four main categories which are: 1) an overview of tourism management in Chiang Rai 2) Public Transportation of Chiang Rai 3) Potential and latency of tourism stakeholders in Chiang Rai 4) Tourism impacts in Chiang Rai 5) Development of tourism for international rout; Chiang Rai – Kunming. The findings from this research show guideline for developing sustainable tourism activities in Chiang Rai.

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