The Importance of Passion and Factors Driving Employee Passion in Creative Economy

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Chotiros Dumrongsanti
Wasita Boonsathorn


There were three major purposes for this article. First the article aimed to explore the concept of employee passion as a key factor that drives organization to success, especially in the era of Creative Economy.  The article provided background of social and economic shift over the past decade that led to Creative Economy. To survive and excel in such context, organizations need to create passion for employees.  However, the existing concept of employee passion is still obscure and difficult to measure.  In this article, the authors synthesized and redefined the term employee passion from many existing concepts such as commitment, engagement, work passion, and Buddhism concept of Path of Accomplishment.  The adjusted definition and characteristics of employee passion were provided in this article as well as 5 main dimensions of passion which were 1. Intent to stay, 2. Striving for excellence, 3. Eagerness to learn, 4. Exertion and never giving up, and 5. Organizational endorsement. Second purpose was to provide guidelines for creating employee passion. Finally, recommendations for future research were proposed.

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