Causal Attributions of English Learning Success of Thai Students in an International University

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Sureepong Phothongsunan


This research looks into attributional causes of success in learning English reported by 329 Thai university students in an international program. The participants also made an evaluation of themselves in respect of whether they think they were successful EFL learners thus far as well as for undertaking future tasks. With the survey questionnaire and the follow-up interview, the findings reveal that teachers, effort, and class atmosphere influenced their learning success more than other factors. There is a significant difference between students who think of themselves as ‘successful’ and those perceiving themselves as ‘unsuccessful’ in terms of effort and strategy in learning English. Implications from the study are directed to 1) creating positive learning relationships between teachers and students; 2) instilling in students the necessity of effort in learning English and 3) developing relaxed and friendly class atmosphere that enhances and supports language learning.

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