The Development of Web Application to support the Operation of Community Health Volunteers in Bangkok

  • Jakgreerat Sangvari
Keywords: Web Application, Mobile Application, Community Health Volunteers


The purposes of this research were as follows: 1) to develop smartphone application to promote the operation of community health volunteers in Bangkok (CHV: Bueng Kum # 50) that is included mobile devices; 2) to test the efficiency of smartphone application by two of the computer specialists and one public health officer; and 3) to investigate the volunteers’ opinion toward the smartphone application system which was developed by the researchers. There are three access level control that is included in the smartphone application: public is the default access level that is assigned to all parts of the front end for any visitor can view anything but cannot log into the system, registered access level will hide some features from visitors, which was a member of a group of the community health volunteers that in turn have permission for this access level that is allowed full volunteers interaction, and special access level is for the back end of the system that is everything in the system’s administration panel is assigned to the special access level so it is accessible only to the users who have access to it. The population consisted of 30 volunteers who were enrolled in the community health volunteers of Bueng Kum 50. The sample was selected using purposive sampling method. The instruments used for this experiment were: 1) the content and many useful features of the system to display certain parts of smartphone application for specific user groups that is done through access level, 2) the efficiency of smartphone application that was tested by computer specialists, 3) self-administered questionnaires were used to survey the volunteers’ opinions toward the effectiveness of the smartphone application, and 4) data were analyzed using statistical tools by means of rating scale with SPSS for Windows. The results of these analyses showed that (1) the efficiency of the smartphone application was 4.44 which is the highest of rating scale; and (2) the volunteers’ opinions toward the web application were 4.32, this means that the volunteers’ satisfaction was the highest of the rating scale.


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