Local Government Development Vision of Graduates and Students, Master of Public Administration Program, Kasem Bundit University

  • tippanad Chareerak
Keywords: Development vision, Local government, Liberal democracy


This research aimed to study Thai local government development vision of Graduates and Students, Master of Public Administration Program, Kasem Bundit University. The research was conducted by using the questionnaire to collect data. Research sample consisted of 150 units of analysis. More than 90 percent of the respondents had a vision of liberal democracy for local government development. The participants, aged 41 years old and above, had a vision of local liberal democratic government development more than any other age groups. Moreover, those who studied in the academic year 2012 had a more liberal democratic vision of local government development than in other academic years. Analysis by heirachical multiple regression showed that the socio-economic variables, (independent variables) and public administration and the media exposure variables (intervening variables) could predict Thai local government development vision (dependent variable) at only 7 percent and not statistically significant at level of 0.05


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