Competency of Employees and Organization’s Service Quality

  • แก้วตา ผู้พัฒนพงศ์
  • นิคม เจียรจินดา Ramkamhang University
Keywords: Competency of employees, organizational service quality


This research was a quantitative research by questionnaire survey of a multistage stratified sample of 400 employees in public and private organizations.  The result of the research showed that the overall operational competency was at a high level. Regarding the individual aspects of the competency, functional competency, managerial competency and core competency are all at the high level. As far as the overall quality of organization’s service was concerned, it was found that it was at high level.  Equality in service was in the highest level, followed by on time service, adequate service, and progressive services  respectively, all of which being at high level. The result of hypothesis testing found that the competency in operation was related to the quality in organization’s service and could predict the quality of organization’s service for 28.7 percent at the significant level of 0.05


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