Organizational Commitment of Employee and the War Veterans Organization of Thailand

  • สุชาต อดุลย์บุตร
Keywords: Organization, Organizational commitment, War Veterans Organization


This study is a mixed method research which aimed to investigate degree of organizational commitment, factors effecting the organizational commitment, and study the problems of the working condition of employees of the War Veterans Organization. Data used in this survey research were obtained from questionnaires distributed to 340 employees, and employed interview with 9 key informants. The research results found that the organizational commitment of employees of the War Veterans Organization was at a high level, the overall of performance also was at a high level. Factors relating to the organizational commitment were Job description, and Success in the job at the significant level of 0.001; colleagues at the significant level of 0.01; and Varity of jobs, and Freedom in operation at the significant level of 0.05. The problems of working condition of employees of the War Veterans Organization are: 1) Justice of the boss of each level .2) Workload is not appropriate for existing employees. 3) Shortage of facilities, equipment, working tools. 4) Welfare received during the work. 5) Lack of knowledge and understanding of the work. 6) Selection of new recruits.


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