A New Era of Thai Public Sector toward ASEAN Community : A Comparative Study between the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security

  • Varatchaya Sirivat Faculty of Political Science, Ramkhamhaeng University
Keywords: New Era, Thai Public Sector, Asean Community


This research is qualitative research. The research finds that two Ministries, the Ministry of  Labour and The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security are preparing to enter the ASEAN community. For the Ministry of Labour, the office of Coordination of Interactional Cooperation in the Ministry of Labour has been assigned to be responsible for establishing the National Board of Vocational Training Coordination (NBVTC) , coordinating with relevant  departments to plan manpower  development, preparing the Standard Wage labour, developing personnel, researching on the relate subject, and developing the information technology  system. For the second case, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security has been Designated as the coordinating agency in the implementation of ASEAN for ASEAN  Socio – Cultural Community in 2009 – 2015, to prepare Strategies regarding Civil Society and the Culture of the ASEAN Community in 2014 – 2016 by creating curriculum and training courses for Ministry is staff according to ASEAN Community plan.


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