A Comparison Between Expected and Actual Labour Protection in the Case of Injury from Working: A Case Study of Thai Lion Air Cabin Crew

  • piyachat Puangniyom
  • นัฐมณฑ์ คำสระ
  • Panida Chuenchom
  • จักรพงศ์ โชติกเสถียร
  • Kanokwan Janjeen
Keywords: Labour Protection, cabin crew, Thai Lion air


The objectives of this study were as follow: To study Thai labour protection Law in the case of injury from working; To study Thai Lion Air cabin crew’s expectation on Labour Protection in the case of injury from working; and to compare between expected and actual labour protection in the case of injury from working among Thai Lion Air cabin crew. The sample of this study consisted of 200 of Thai lion air cabin crew. It was revealed that there was significant differences in expectation at p ≤ 0.05 level of significance in terms of sex, but no significant differences in terms of age and expense of the air cabin crew. Additionally, the Thai air cabin crew expected better protection than that they actually obtained.


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