Legal Measures for Efficiency Enhancement of the Sub-District Community Organization Councils

  • Prasarn Boonsobhak
  • Puangpaka Boonsobhak
Keywords: Efficiency Enhancement, Sub-district Community Organizations Council


The main objective of this research was to analyze and suggest guidelines for the improvement of legal measures to enhance the efficiency of the Sub-district Community Organization Councils.  It was revealed that the emergence of the Sub-district Community Organization Councils in various sub-districts and other administrative areas of Thailand promoted public participation on local development in all groups of people.  The participation included local planning, problem reflection, and protection of community and individual rights as certified and protected by the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand.  As a result, a consolidated strength was established for solving problems among the local administration, local government (Sub-district chief/ Village Headman) and local community.  Additionally, it was also found that there were some weak points in Sections 6, 7 (2), 21 (6), 22 Paragraph 2 and 29 of the Sub-district Community Organizations Council Act B.E. 2551.  As a result, it is advisable that these sections should be amended and a new legislation entitled: “Resilient Community Act B.E…..” should be enacted.  The main principle of this new legislation is to set up a “Sub-district Development Centre” in each sub-district/ administrative area comprising all three local organizations: local administration, local government, and local community.  This centre will be the “Central Forum” of people and the organizations.


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