The Collaboration between the Public and Private Institutes and the Industrial Sectors in Vocational Education Workforce Development

  • แพรภัสส์ เลิศรัฐพัชร์
Keywords: Dual Vocational Training (DVT), workforce development, vocational education, collaboration between public and private vocational education institutes and the industrial enterprises.


This research was a study of factors affecting the collaboration between the public and private institutes and the industrial sectors in vocational education workforce development, and to propose guidelines for the collaboration between both parties. The research methodology employed quantitative and qualitative methods involving 180 respondents and 6 experts. The results showed that factors that were relevant for collaboration were:  learning, teaching, and practicing; curricula and training courses; training equipment and materials; cost of training; qualification of trainers/coaches in the industries; and qualification of technical teachers in the institutes. For the guideline of an efficient collaboration, it was suggested that win-win strategies should be adopted. The curricula and training courses for the collaboration should be provided under the requirement of industries in the surrounding areas. ICT and hi-tech communication should be applied for institution management, learning and teaching, and public communication in order to gain mutual relations of all stakeholders.


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