The Building of Power Base of Local Political Leaders

  • ธรรมรัตน์ โพธิสุวรรณปัญญา
  • ปิยลักษณ์ โพธิวรรณ์
  • พรอัมรินทร์ พรหมเกิด
Keywords: Political leaders, power base


This research aimed to study resource power that affected the creation of a political power base of local political leaders, and to study network construction and political organizations that affected the building of the power base of the political leaders in Khon Kaen, Chaiyaphum, and Nakhon Ratchasima Provinces. It was a qualitative research with in-depth interviews of 60 key informants. It was revealed that political power resources consisted of 5 areas as follows: kinship conditions, economic power or capital conditions, special personality conditions, supporting occupational conditions knowledge and success conditions. Networking and organizing political organizations that affected the creation of the power base of local political leaders included the politician group, local leader, administrators, business leaders, close friends, local mafia, and friendship.


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