Multimedia Development for the Transmission of Local Wisdom of Community Products he Approach to Development Multimedia for Local Wisdom Publish of phakoawmarroisi Community products, Kanchanaburi Province

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นฤมล ชมโฉม


This research studied problems of conservation and transmission of local wisdom of Phakaomaroisi (hundred colored loincloth) community product, and a guideline for multimedia development for transmission of the local wisdom in Kanchanaburi province. It was a qualitative research, the sample group being 30 persons selected by means of purposive sampling method. In-depth interview was used for data collection. The findings revealed that the most important problems were a lack of transmission of knowledge and local wisdom to younger generation, and a lack of value adding on the product. Offline media e.g., newspaper and billboard for advertisement were abandoned due to taxation. For multimedia development for transmission of the local wisdom, it was suggested that multimedia for story-telling, by means of video, photo, music and description of Phakaomaroisi (hundred colored loincloth) could be produced and demonstrated for 8 – 10 minutes for transmission of the local wisdom as well as entertainment for audiences.


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