Service Quality Affecting Decision to Repurchase Logistic Services

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This research aimed to study the service quality and decision to repurchase logistic services provided by Thai Post Company Limited, Kerry Express (Thailand) Company Limited and SCG Yamato Express Company Limited. The data collection tool was the questionnaire and the studied samples were 1,200 customers who used to use mailing services and product delivered from the three companies in the past six months. The results indicated that, for Thai Post Company Limited, the service quality in terms of tangibility and assurance influenced the customers' decision to repurchase the service significantly at p<0.05. Regarding Kerry Express (Thailand) Company Limited, the service quality in terms of reliability and empathy influenced the customers' decision to repurchase the service significantly at p<0.05. In the case of SCG Yamato Express Company Limited, the service quality in terms of responsiveness, assurance and empathy influenced the customers' decision to repurchase the service significantly at p<0.05.          


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