A Study of Inhibition of First Year Students at Kasem Bundit University

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The purposes of this research were to study and to compare inhibition of students at Kasem Bundit University according to their differences in genders, faculties, academic achievement, and residential areas. The sample consisted of 375 first year students, selected by means of stratified random sampling. The research results were as follows: The mean scores for total and for individual dimensions of the samples’ inhibition, i e, emotional maturity, peer association, and family relationship were moderate. The comparative analysis revealed that there were non-significant differences in total mean scores and the individual dimension mean scores between genders. Students’ total means of the inhibition and emotional maturity among faculties were significantly different whereas those for peer association and family relationships were non-significantly different at p≤0.05. Furthermore there were non-significant differences in total means and those for individual dimensions of the students’ inhibition among academic achievement levels. Finally, significant difference in total means of the students’ inhibition was found among their residential areas whereas the differences in emotional maturity, peer association and family relationship were non-significant at .05 level.


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