The Patterns and Procedures of Universal Forensic Science Standard in the Judicial Process in Thailand

  • Amornthap Phonrasuek
  • Sarit Suebpongsiri
  • Chaichan Chairangsinant
Keywords: Forensic Science Standard, Procedures of Forensic Science Standard for Using in the Justice Process


PURPOSE: This research aimed to study problems and obstacles of universal forensic science standard. METHOD: Data collection employed in-depth interviews and  snowball sampling for data collection from 30 experts in the related fields of standardization and forensic science in the Ministry of Justice. Data analysis was mainly concerned with typological analysis and key words from in-depth interviews. RESULT: The research indicated that most inspectors were equipped with knowledge of the physical evidence collection to be verified, but the knowledge and understanding of standards at international level for verification was insufficient. CONCLUSION: It is advisable that training programmes on forensic standard could be arranged for inspections.


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