Application of Good Governance by Executives in Private Education Institutions in Lower Northeastern Thailand

  • mechai Srichoon
Keywords: Good Governance / Executives in Private Higher Education Institutions


PURPOSE: This research aimed to study and to compare the practices of good governance in private higher education institutions. METHOD: The sample consisted of 167 respondents, selected by simple random sampling technique. The questionnaire was used for data collection. The reliability (gif.latex?\alpha) of the whole questionnaire was 0.69. ANOVA and t-test were employed for analytical purposes. RESULT: The research found that application of good governance at overall and individual aspects were high. Moreover, the difference in application of good governance among the executives classified by sex, age, education, and work experience was not statistically significant at    p = 0.05.  CONCLUSION: The executives in private higher education institutions applied good governance principles in their management at a high level.


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