The Preparedness Assessment of Industrial Business Sector towards Industrial 4.0 Era in Thailand


  • ภาวิน ชินะโชติ
  • ภูริพัฒน์ ชาญกิจ
  • สุรเดช หวังทอง
  • กัลยนุช กิตติพงศ์พิทยา
  • วราภรณ์ สุขแสนชนานันท์


The Readiness, Industrial Business Sector, Industrial 4.0


This research aimed at 1) studying the Preparedness Assessment of the industrial business sector toward Thailand industry 4.0 era and 2) proposing the strategies to develop the industrial business sector into Thailand industry 4.0 era.

This research was qualitative research conducted by the in depth interview with a committee of the Federation of Thai Industries and either, the committee of industry group which are driven by innovation or the executive of the industrial business sector for 5 people. The secondary data was also collected from documents and related researches toward the preparation in the industrial business sector into Thailand industry 4.0 era.

The results revealed that 1) the industrial business sectors were ready to change and progress into Thailand industry 4.0 era. For example, the organization strategies to support the transformation in all aspects, according to the federation of Thai Industries’ industry 4.0 strategy, the use of technology and modern information systems in production and marketing processes and 2) In respect of the guidance on preparation analysis, it was found that the preparedness strategy trend for the Thai industry to step into the industrial 4.0 era should include competitive strategy and overall strategy of the organization, the changing trends of the organizational structure that should be reorganized, the changing trends of the technology in the organization should contain the technology in both hardware and software to support the operation in the industrial 4.0 era, the changing trends of the processes in the organization that should change the working process to up to date, the changing trends in human resources that should consist of 2 subjects which to individual performance including the knowledge, skills and ability, attitude and so on, and modify the human resources functions including the manpower planning, the compensation, the training , the recruitment and selection.






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