Potential Study of Sheep Supply Chain


  • จิรรัตน์ ธีระวราพฤกษ์
  • ปาริชาต ชื่นวัฒนกุล


Supply Chain, Sheep, SWOT Analysis


Thailand is a major source of food production. Multan can be count as popular halal food. Presently, Thai government has promoted sheep farming in order to response with the demand of halal food. This research studied current status of three sheep supply chains. Comparisons of those three supply chains and SWOT analysis including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, of the supply chains, were given. Finally, means for sheep supply chain improvement were given. The means include 1. Knowledge relating to all key activities should be given to all players in the supply chain and database of knowledge should be established in order to have efficient knowledge management, 2. Government should promote efficient sheep farms, 3. To make a stronger supply chain, corporations and good relations should exist among all players, 4. Importing breeders should not be complex in order to increase the breeders, and 5. Creditability in halal foods should be created in Thailand.






บทความวิจัย (Research Article)