Bicycle route development for promoting tourism in Songkhla Municipality by participation process


  • โชติพงษ์ บุญฤทธิ์


Bicycle route, Bicycle riding, Songkhla province


This research “Bicycle route development for promoting tourism in Songkhla Municipality by participation process” demonstrates problems, bicycle routes behaviors, bicycle route models for tourism community needs, bicycle route form presentation for promoting tourism in Songkhla municipality in term of infographic, and documentary to approach tourist’s satisfaction for bicycle routes and tourism in Songkhla municipality. Research tools consist of exploration, deep interview, questionnaire, information analysis, descriptive statistic, conclusion, discussion, and recommendation. The recommendation found that 1) problems and behaviors in Songkhla municipality bicycle routes. The most important problem is most bicycle riders do not have bicycle route safety. Then, bicycle routes are discontinuous ways, unclear signs, and unsuitable road surface for riding bicycles. Lastly, there are little disturbance atmospheres. It’s not suitable for riding bicycle and this route is not attractive. Activity opinion learning at rest areas are talking, taking photos and eating respectively. 2) Bicycle route models learning for tourism community needs by deep interview found that Songkhla has policy “Songkhla Fantastic” in 2016 by promoting bicycle yearly. For management, they should have people to promote bicycle tourism, basic structures, bicycle ways, traffic signs, and should have activities and also good atmosphere to tourist destination. Moreover, hotel business sector should comfort privilege about accommodation, food, and give more riding route information for Thai and foreigners. 3) To present bicycle route information to promoting tourism Songkhla municipality from problems learning and bicycle route models that community need consist of (1) infographic diagram with three bicycle routes such as (1) Pram’s house-Song tale park-Thai pavilion (2) Pram’s house - Chalatat Beach - Kaoseng - Saiburi road (3) Pram’s house - Nangkham road – NakornNai road - NakornNok road and documentary “Let’s ride in Songkhla” (4) To learn tourist satisfaction to  bicycle routes for Songkhla municipality found that the most satisfied of tourists are different geography and culture. Then, nearby Thailand gulf location; there are various tourist destinations and activities, tourism accommodation that can approach to their destination by many kinds of vehicles. Furthermore, improvements for persuading more tourist groups are public relation that has to spread throughout information, and good image for tourist sight that should have safely measure proficiently.  And overall Bicycle route interest is high level (4.15).






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