Getting The Accounting and Taxation : The Responsibility of The Entrepreneur


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Accounting, Taxation


Doing a business success, entrepreneur must have knowledge and take the new innovation to use in the manufacturing administration, marketing and management resource. Therefore, the entrepreneur must have knowledge about accounting and taxation. Doing accounting and paying the tax are different which depend on the type of the business. For doing  are account that have document about accounting records, closing entries, financial statements and submit the financial statements as required in law. For paying tax are Personal income tax, Corporate Income Tax, Value Added Tax, withholding taxes, Specific Business Tax, Revenue stamp, Signboard tax, and Taxes on lands and buildings.

            Entrepreneurs should focus as doing accounting and paying taxes. Which is the responsibilities of the entrepreneur as required by law. Moreover, entrepreneur should reduce the risk of being fined that they do not do an accounting and pay the taxes incorrectly. Furthermore, doing accounting will help entrepreneur to know about the result of operations and financial position of the company. Lastly, the tax that the entrepreneur pay, the government will take to develop country.






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