Effecting Factors on Strategic Network Management Capability in Tourism Businesses Empirical Evidence from Tourism Businesses in Thailand


  • ตะวันรอน สังยวน
  • ปพฤกษ์บารมี อุตสาหะวาณิชกิจ
  • การุณย์ ประทุม


Strategic Network Management Capability, Proactive Business Vision, Relationship Experience, Firm Asset Readiness, Environmental Intensity Force and Technological Diversity Growth, Tourism Businesses


Strategic network management capability in tourism businesses has an importance role to develop firm operations process, enhancing resource and capability from interaction between firms and other activities. However, both internal and external environment change are power drive firm in have appropriate strategy and to provide the efficacy on inter-relationships. This research investigates the relationships between internal factors and external factors are effecting on strategic network management capability. Data were collected from 329 tourism businesses in Thailand. The ordinary least square (OLS) regression statistical analysis is used to test all of hypothesis. The results found that firm asset readiness, relationship experience, technological diversity growth and proactive business vision have a positive influence on strategic network management capability, respectively. Additionally, this research has demonstrated an understanding of network management field as well as is able to adapt and response to volatile environmental as a key factor in business travel.






บทความวิจัย (Research Article)