Factors Affecting on the Business Achievement of Senior Home in Thailand


  • พรจันทร์ สุพรรณ์
  • ชาญชัย บัญชาพัฒนศักดา


Organizational structure, Operational system, Human management, Marketing mix, External environmental


The purposes of this research were 1) to analyzed the organizational structure, operational system, human management, marketing mix, external environmental and that affect the business achievement of senior home in Thailand. 2) to modeled of factor that influence on the business achievement of senior home in Thailand. The quantitative research method was conducted. The samples were the entrepreneur/executive of senior business in Thailand. The research employ questionnaire and semi-structured interview guideline. The samples were collected 640 samples of senior business in Thailand by using the multi-stage sampling method. The statistics were used such as descriptive statistics, multiple linear regression analysis for hypothesis testing. The result of the research is found that external environment factor affecting on the business achievement of senior home in Thailand most were, Marketing mix factor was the secondary, Human management factor, Operational system factor and organizational structure factor respectively at the statistical significant of 0.05 level.






บทความวิจัย (Research Article)