Organization Development : Strengthening Competitiveness in Business


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Keywords: Organizational development, Strengthening Competitiveness in Business




Organization Development is an essential part of human resource development system which aims to improve and change the organization. Organization Development focuses on improving 3 key aspects of the organization: (1) human resource (2) system and management (3) Organizational Climate, in accordance with the five steps of organizational development as follows: (1) Organization Development teamwork (2) Organization Diagnosis (3) Strategic Planning in Organization Development (4) Implementation of Organization Development Strategy(ies) and (5) Evaluation of Organization Development. Organization Development incorporates effective use of tools, comprising of rethinking, changing of organizational culture, diversity management, leadership development, time management, talent development, risk management, knowledge management, teamwork development, training and coaching which would strengthen the organization in business competitiveness. A successful Organization Development aims at improving and changing the organization to the growth. The observable effectiveness and efficiency results would allow the organization to reach its objectives sustainably.


Keywords: Organizational development, Strengthening Competitiveness in Business





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