Social Networks: the online marketing communication strategies for attracting customers in the digital age


  • สุรีรักษ์ วงษ์ทิพย์


Social network, Online marketing communication, Consumer behavior, Buying decision process


Nowadays, information technology has constantly advances with enhancing, Social media communications that play an increasingly important role in every organization. So, social media users have created social networks for sharing the information, situations, stories, pictures, or to build social relationships. As a result of the technological advances, it has also affected the consumer behaviors in terms of, changing from the traditional purchase of goods at the store or department store to the online purchase that can be purchased anywhere, anytime and without any holiday. Consequently, consumers are more comfortable and save more time. Therefore, organizations should focus on the social media development as a means to communicate and to educate about products or services, opinions feedback channels including to create marketing activities of organizations which can be consistency to consumer needs.






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