Creating Competitive Advantage with Information Technology and Innovation of Hotel Business in Thailand : Literature Review


  • จิตรลดา พันธุ์พณาสกุล
  • วรลักษณ์ ลลิตศศิวิมล


Competitive Advantage, Information Technology, Innovation


This study aims to the literature review to related the development of the research framework for creating a competitive advantage through information technology and innovation of the hotel business in Thailand. The result of the literature review found that applying information technology and innovation in business operations can create a competitive
advantage over competitors. Therefore, the hotel business operators in Thailand should turn to focus on the development and improvement of information technology and modern innovation, to be used in services and digital marketing are respond to the needs of the customer in the new generation with convenient and quick response. The information technology and innovation are helping businesses to increase service performance, reduce costs, and create
differentiate of the business. There is resulting in increased revenue and profits, and create a competitive advantage for businesses.






บทความวิจัย (Research Article)