The Impact of Disposal Behavior on Business after the COVID-19: A Preliminary Holistic View of Thai Business


  • Pongsiri Kamkankaew
  • Chatcharin Chaunwan
  • Vachiraporn Phattarowas
  • Phatcharapron Limpiaongkhanan
  • Surakit Khumwongpin
  • Suteera Sribenjachot


COVID-19 pandemic, Consumer Behavior, Disposal Behavior, Business


This academic paper aimed to reveal how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted consumer behavior by considering the possible effects of these impacts on business after the COVID-19. According to the aforementioned purpose, the literature on disposal behavior was reviewed. After that, relevant articles on disposal behavior and information of the consumer behavior and trend during the COVID-19 pandemic were explored. This paper demonstrates the relationship between the disposal behavior described in the literature and the possible impacts of COVID-19 on the disposal behavior. Furthermore, it revealed that the disposal behavior impacted business opportunities and sustainable business operation.


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